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Very nice work.

The graphics and animations were incredibly well done, as was the audio, however, I did not like having to click the next button so many times, But the "bonus" was hilarious. Keep up the good work, and next time maybe make several items. Or perhaps make it more interactive, and let us choose from ingredients and make our own sandwich,

Best one yet.

These just keep getting better and better. Loved the WTF one that just fucking with your mind. Let see some more of those crazy, impossible figures. Another great job.

Champu responds:

lol thanks for the review. The next one i make will definatly be impossible. :)

Hilarious, Disturbing, and very kick ass.

The only thing that I can find that could use improvement, is how about making the flipping sequences different and not as long. I loved the humor, randomness, and violent. All my 5 r belong to you.

Another great job

I loved the artwork and perspective, but unlike the first one, I think the ending was too long and drawn out with this one. I'd also like to see more art, but great job like always.

Champu responds:

The Next ones i make will be longer.


I loved the origenality, and loved the idea. Your graphics were nice, as was the music, just shorter intro, and maybe lets see some more scenes being made, proveded you make another. (which i would like to see) Keep up the good work.

Champu responds:

#2 is out.

A pretty good tutorial.

A fairly decent tutorial. Your graphics were great, as was your sound, but lacked in showing us -how- you did everything, you did a fantastic job showing us what you did, but this tut wont really help anyone who doesnt already know all the basics of flash. How ever, if I was going to make an animation of a ball that liked to roll, blink, and dance, this would help me out 100%. It was good, but how about some more content, with somehting harder than a ball next time? Hope to see it in part 2.

Smoke-Tower responds:

thanks next tutorial your ganna have a little person...
a ball just to show them for a easy and basic design nothing to hard to draw :)


( and thanks for the tip mate )

Sweet job david.

I found it a bit confusing at times, wether or not he killed the lady, the bird, and i was under the impression he was ganna kill himself on the roof. The quality was excellent like all your works. I hope we can expect another roof tiling part.
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you sir, are my hero.

Dave, id like to thank you for creating the greatest flash animation ever

the best part about it

was the short clip of music off of the halo sound track. other than that it sucked

truely a work of god

wow, that was one of the funniest things ive ever seen. i had to save it onto my computer it was so great. I was wondering if i could get the audio file to it, as i want to use it in a video. My aim is spesalfred.

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