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Kick ass, hope this makes the top page. Definatly worthy.


acid? pretty cool though. was there supposed to be a moral or something?

Its ok but the spelling is really annoying.

Also you DID NOT MAKE THESE PICTURES. The actual illusions are stolen with no credit given

01sfisher responds:

credit can not be given to guys who died 100s of years ago or ppl who spam them all over the net ive seen some of them on 7 differnt websites so who i give credit to when it dosent say who made them

Not bad at all

Expecially for a first. However, out of personal prefernces, I just didn't like it. But I still gave you a 3.

Very nice work.

The graphics and animations were incredibly well done, as was the audio, however, I did not like having to click the next button so many times, But the "bonus" was hilarious. Keep up the good work, and next time maybe make several items. Or perhaps make it more interactive, and let us choose from ingredients and make our own sandwich,

Best one yet.

These just keep getting better and better. Loved the WTF one that just fucking with your mind. Let see some more of those crazy, impossible figures. Another great job.

Champu responds:

lol thanks for the review. The next one i make will definatly be impossible. :)

Kick ass.

Yet another awesome perspective. I can't get enough of these. I'm starting to become a huge fan of your work champu.

Champu responds:

it'd truly be awesome to have a fan base.

Hilarious, Disturbing, and very kick ass.

The only thing that I can find that could use improvement, is how about making the flipping sequences different and not as long. I loved the humor, randomness, and violent. All my 5 r belong to you.

Never seen anything like that before.

Not bad. I liked the pictures, they were sweet looking. And the music wasn't too great, but its pretty essencial for the movie, so I won't hold it against you. Keep up the good work.

CaptinChu responds:

Thank you, and I will!

Another great job

I loved the artwork and perspective, but unlike the first one, I think the ending was too long and drawn out with this one. I'd also like to see more art, but great job like always.

Champu responds:

The Next ones i make will be longer.

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